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Here you’ll find tips and tricks for using our stencils and applicating in general. We hope we can help you take your projects to the next level and use our stencils in the most efficient way possible. All of these videos can be found on the WeaponStencils YouTube page. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and click the notification icon to be notified when of our newest videos.

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Don't Trash Your Backings!

In this video, we discuss why it’s important to keep some blank stencil backings on hand. Some of our patterns can be used in multiple ways, as both male and female stencils, so being able to save pieces you would normally have to trash can save you money in the long run.

Use Steel Wool to Smooth Projects

Here, we explain how the pros get that buttery smooth finish, even with multiple colors layers, by using 0000 Steel Wool to smooth out layers and create truly professional feeling finished projects.

How to Use Transfer Tape

Confused about how and when to use Transfer Tape? Then this is the video for you, as we explain and demonstrate by Transfer Tape is an absolute necessity for specific patterns and designs. Be sure to pick up a a few sheets as you check out.

Weeded vs Un-Weeded

Many of our listing offer a Weeded and an Un-Weeded option. Others also are listed as “Partially Weeded”. We also reference Male and Female/Positive and Negative stencils in some listing. This video attempts to explain all that.