Flying Tiger

A-10 Flying Tiger Nose Art Stencils
(Previously named Shark Teeth)

12×6 inch sheets inch sheet of heat resistant, adhesive vinyl material

  • 12 Stencils (6 left and 6 right facing) in three different sizes
  • See below for placement order and instructions on how exactly to use this design

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A-10 Flying Tiger Nose Art Stencils – 12×6 inch sheet

(Previously, and incorrectly, named Shark Teeth Nose Art)
Placement and Use Instructions Can be Found Below
  • This design has all sorts of different names:  Flying Tiger, A-10 Nose Art, Shark Teeth, etc etc….
  • However, this classic design has been around since WWII and has most recently been popularized by the iconic A-10 Warthog.
  • Of all our custom orders, this has been one of the most common requests, so we are finally offering it as a full-time listing.
  • Of course, in typical WeaponStencils fashion, we not only took the time to properly size these for full, compact and sub-compact handguns, we put all those options on one single sheet.
  • You get THREE sizes and FOUR of each size (2 left facing and 2 right facing).
    • As pictured, the following model 9mm Glocks were use to create the 3 sizes
      • Glock 17, Glock 19 and Glock 26
      • Glock slides are basically about 1″ tall, so consider that if you’re buying for another brand of weapon
  • Sheets ship partially un-weeded – as displayed in the photo gallery
  • We highly recommend using our TRANSFER TAPE to accurately place the main part of the mouth
  • Use our stencils to make your handgun, rifle, airsoft gun, Yeti Cup or any other project, one of a kind


      The placement order with this stencil is crucial to applying the design correctly.  Please se the step by step instructions for our recommendations on how to use this set

  1. Spray Red
  2. Place tongue stencil (Piece A)
    1. Take your time to accurately place the tongue, keeping in mind this sets the location for the rest of the design
    2. Consider initially placing the 2nd included mouth stencil and making reference marks with a pencil or tape, then removing and discarding this piece before placing the tongue
    3. The tongue is technically an optional piece, but we feel it makes for a much more finished looking design
  3. Spray black
  4. Weed and discard the interior teeth piece from the mouth, leaving only the lips and negative of the teeth (Piece B)
  5. Weed and discard the interior piece of the eye, leaving the outline (Piece C)
  6. Place the lips and negative for the teeth (B)
    1. Consider using Transfer Tape to assist with application
    2. Take your time and place it down accurately, over the tongue
  7. Place the outline of the eye (C)
  8. Spray white
  9. Use painters tape to mask off the white area inside the mouth (teeth) and eye (pupil)
  10. Spray your overall base coat for the rest of the slide (not black)
  11. Peel all to reveal
  12. Take pictures, post to Instagram, and tag us @WeaponStencils

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