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Multicam Flasks

Multicam Black Flasks

NOW ON SALE FOR FATHER’S DAY!  VERY limited quantities left, as these were a left over batch we’ve been holding on to for this sale.

8 oz premium steel hip flasks, Cerakoted in Multicam Black.  These are NOT your standard, cheapo flasks – see the description below for a full explanation of what you’re purchasing.  Flasks will come packaged in a gift box, with a funnel.

Shipping is a flat $4.
There will be no Free Shipping options, as there normally are for stencil orders.
15% automatic Bulk Discount will NOT apply to the costs of the flasks.


Price :

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $35.00.

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Multicam Black Flasks

If you’re on-the-go with some secret booze holstered in that back pocket, the last thing you want is to pull out a shiny, stainless steel flask and catch the eye of a local barkeep.  Keep it incognito with these 8oz Multicam Black Flasks, Cerakoted by our friends at Red5Worx, using our Multi-Flage and Mini Multi-Flage Weapon Stencils.

Only The Highest Quality Flasks

These 8oz flasks are very high quality flasks – not the cheap, tinny feeling ones like you got for your last groomsman gift, or you see at cheesy gift shops.  We actually did an initial run, using some cheaper flasks and although the Cerakote job was great, the cheap feel of the flask itself, was not up to the standard of what we want to sell here at WeaponStencils.com.  Here’s some specs on the type of steel used…
  • Manufactured with #304 (18/8) food grade stainless steel. Cheaper flasks are made with #201 (18/10) which ARE NOT food grade material. Using lesser quality steels in the containment and/or production of food and beverage products can lead to the leaching/corrosion of the inferior metal and potential ingestion of toxic metals.
  • The vast majority of flasks are made with .4mm-.5mm thick steel, compared to our .6mm thick walls.  Between the premium quality steel and construction, and the badass Cerakote job, when you pick up one of our flasks you can tell right way it’s made to last!

Flasks come in a gift box and includes a a stainless steel funnel (not Cerakoted) to help fill the flask with your spirit of choice.

Not familiar with Cerakote?

Cerakote is the industry leading thin film ceramic coating, used by applicators on everything from guns and knives, to tumblers, car parts and sunglasses.  It is recognized as the industry standard for aftermarket coatings and is highly resistant to scratching, scuffing, wear and also rust and corrosion.  You are undoubtedly getting the best flask we could source, with the best coating possible.

Shipping Rules

These do not qualify for our free shipping options and will require you to select Priority Shipping at checkout ($4) no matter order size; however, there is no additional shipping charge for ordering more than 1 flask.  No international orders at this time.