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Multi-Flage Camo

Multicam Style Camo Stencils

12×9 inch sheet of heat resistant, adhesive vinyl material

  • Select between Weeded or Un-Weeded – see below for explanation (pick Weeded if unsure)

Price :


Multi-Flage Camo Stencils – 12×9 inch sheet

  • Modeled after the all time classic camo scheme, Multi-Flage is our all-time best seller.
  • If you like this pattern, you should also consider our MINI Multi-Flage.
    • Many users are combining the MINI and full size, to create a better depth of pattern.
  • Select Weeded or Un-Weeded (if not sure, just go with Weeded).
  • Only cut on Avery High Bake Masking vinyl, which works perfectly with the heat curing process of Cerakote and other finishes like Duracoat and KG Gunkote.
    • Also resists light media blasting between layers.

Why WeaponStencils?

  • This pattern and our MINI Multi-Flage are used by applicators all over the country (and world): from guys doing single projects in their garage, to big time businesses, Cerakoting dozens of slides at a time.
  • Our Multi-Flage stencil helped put WeaponStencils.com on the map, as we set the bar for getting the buyer the most for their money.
    • Not just some ripped off design from the web that was thrown at the plotter – we put hours into designs like this, packing the pieces together as tightly as possible because we want you to pay for actual stencils, not just wasted backing space.
  • The number of sheets needed for a project varies depending on size, density of the design and number of color layers.  Generally speaking, a single sheet will easily cover a handgun and for a rifle you’ll probably need about 3.
    • A video in our FAQ section explains this further.

Don’t Forget

  • Always-Free First-Class Shipping or Free Priority with orders over $70.
  • Receive 15% off of orders of $170+, automatically applied at checkout.
  • Looking for tips, tricks, more information or just some low quality YouTube videos to kill some extra time?
  • Do you want to see YOUR work on OUR site?  We’re looking for final projects of this design – you can even watermark them with your business logo
    • E-mail quality pictures and information to info@weaponstencils.com
    • TAG US!  We know you love showing off your guns, let us help you do that by tagging us Instagram and Facebook @weaponstencils – we share your posts with full credits to the applicators.

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