Multi-Flage Camo


Multicam Style Camo Stencils

12×9 inch sheet of heat resistant, adhesive vinyl material

Select between Weeded or Un-Weeded – see below for explanation (pick Weeded if unsure)

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Multi-Flage Camo Stencils – 12×9 inch sheet

  • Modeled after the all time classic camo scheme, Multicam, this is one of our Top 3 all time best sellers
  • This stencil design help put on the map, as we set the bar for getting the buyer the most for their money
    • Not just some ripped off design from the web that was thrown at the plotter – we put hours into designs like this, packing the pieces together as tightly as possible so that you’re paying for actual stencils – Why pay for wasted space?!
  • The number of sheets needed for a project varies depending on size, density of the design and number of color layers.  Generally speaking, a single sheet will easily cover a handgun and for a rifle you’ll probably need about 3
  • Also consider our MINI Multi-Flage – great for smaller projects and many users are combining the MINI and full size, to create better depth of pattern
  • Select Weeded or Un-Weeded (if not sure, just go with Weeded)
  • Only cut on Avery High Bake Masking vinyl, which works perfectly with the heat curing process of Cerakote and other finishes like Duracoat and KG Gunkote.  Also resists light media blasting between layers
  • Use our stencils to make your handgun, rifle, Yeti Cup, phone case, or any other project, one of a kind
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This pattern is also available in a MINI version – combine both versions for an even more unique pattern.

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