Chips Camo

Chips Camo


Chips Camo Stencils

6×8 inch sheets inch sheet of heat resistant, adhesive vinyl material

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Chips Camo – 6×8 inch sheets

  • We designed this camo to work with our MultiFlage and Woodland Camos.
    • The smaller size and random shapes are used to break up the traditional pattern a little bit and provide small spaces for accent colors and blending.
  • Or use these stencils on their own as part of a smaller project, like a knife or subcompact handgun slide.
  • It should be noted that these are comparable to our MINI Multiflage stencils, but without the larger “blobs” you get on that sheet.
  • Only cut on Avery High Bake Masking vinyl, which works perfectly with the heat curing process of Cerakote and other finishes like Duracoat and KG Gunkote.
    • Also resists light media blasting between layers.
  • Use our stencils to make your handgun, rifle, airsoft gun, Yeti Cup or any other project, one of a kind.

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