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Brick Camo

Brick Camo Stencils

12×8 inch sheets inch sheet of heat resistant, adhesive vinyl material

  • This design SHIPS COMPLETELY UN-WEEDED – As Pictured – So you get both the male and female portions
  • We also sell a MINI version of this same design

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Brick Camo (large version) – 12×8 inch sheets

  • A very versatile brick design that can be used as a stand alone pattern, as a background or combined with some of our other patterns.
  • THIS DESIGN SHIPS COMPLETELY UN-WEEDED – As Pictured in the Gallery above.
  • We also have a MINI Brick version of this same design, which has a smaller, tighter pattern on what is basically still a full sheet!
  • You have a few options with this design:
    • Peel off the “web” and use the block shapes (we suggest using our Transfer Tape to maintain the symmetrical design when transferring).
    • Peel the web and lay it down as it’s own pattern – The base color will now be the lines and you can fill in the negative space with the 2nd and 3rd colors, etc – you now have the blocks left over to use as well!
      • The example photo is shown on the Glock 17.
    • Weed all the “blocks” and use Transfer Tape to place the web.
  • Combine multiple sheets to keep the pattern going.
  • Only cut on Avery High Bake Masking vinyl, which works perfectly with the heat curing process of Cerakote and other finishes like Duracoat and KG Gunkote.  Also resists light media blasting between layers.
  • Use our stencils to make your handgun, rifle or any other project, one of a kind.

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