BLEMISHED SHEET GRAB PACK! (limited quantity)

BLEMISHED SHEET GRAB PACK! (limited quantity)



If they’re out of stock, we’re out.  Check back next year.

This pack requires Priority Shipping ($4) and will not qualify for Free Shipping.

To see exactly what you’re getting, see the description below – but don’t spend too long reading, there’s a very limited quantity of these packs up for grabs and when they gone, they gone.

Out of stock

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If you’ve made it to this product listing, you’re likely a pretty loyal customer.  For our 3rd Annual Blemished Pack Sale, our junk drawer is literally overflowing and we’re offering many more packs than we usually do.  These have went SUPER FAST the last two years so don’t drag your feet…if you get two sheets that you planned to buy anyway, you’re already in the money.

For $16, you get 10 blemished sheets.  Priority shipping is required, which will cost you $4 at check out, for a total of $20.  You can also add as many standard sheets to your order if you’d like.

All promotions still apply:  hit $70 and Priority Shipping becomes free.  At $170 you get 15% your entire order automatically.

There’s only about 20 of these and we expect them to go fast, so don’t hesitate…..especially this is basically a once a year type of deal (depending how much we screw up).

What are you getting exactly???

  • BLEMISHED:  Could mean the plotters went a little hay wire or the vinyl slipped and some cuts ran over each other, or maybe I just had a little too much bourbon one night and screwed up while weeding sheets.  Either way, they’re just not up to the quality that we would sell them for full price.
  • 10 stencil sheets.  Just like what we sell, just blemished.  Some of these sheets are literally 97% perfect but we won’t sell them for full price unless they’re 100%, so they go in the junk drawer.
  • The vast majority of these sheets are more than 70% complete.  Only a few will be closer to 50% blemished – usually anything worse than that and we just trash them.
  • This is GRAB PACK – beggers can’t be choosers, so you get what you get.  My kids organized the packs and attempted keep each pack from having multiple of the same pattern; however, they’re kids, so if you get a couple duplicates and get pissed – just remember, you’re getting mad at little kids… dick.
  • So the patterns are random – however, we cut our most popular selling patterns the most (go figure) – that being said, those get blemished more than others, just because we’re always cutting and weeding them, so you’ll likely see some of the more “popular” patterns and sheets in these packs.
  • AND – like always – we’ll throw in a free sticker!

One pack, everybody knows the rules

ONE GRAB PACK PER ORDER/PER PERSON.  Duplicate orders will be cancelled (don’t be a buddy fucker). 

Because of size and weight this Grab Pack requires Priority Shipping and will be NOT qualify for free shipping.
No returns or exchanges of this item.  Purchase at your own risk….or something like that.

Additional information

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