Loyalty Reward Program

We’ve been selling stencils for years now and see many of the same customers over and over again.  The loyalty of our old and new customers is what keeps a business like ours running and we wanted to start doing something to reward that loyalty.  

To satisfy that desire, we’ve added a point and reward system to the website.  It’s incredibly easy and requires nothing more than for you to register an account.  Earning is automatic.  Simply checkout and you’ll earn 1 point for every dollar spent (minus tax and any shipping charges).  Every 100 points can be converted to a $10 off coupon.  No minimum purchase, no exclusions – just $10 cash toward your next order.

To convert your points, click My Account on the top menu and navigate to Loyalty and Rewards, where you can view your points and convert them to $10 coupons.

Additionally, you automatically receive a free 100 points added to your account every year on the anniversary of registering as a customer.

Thank you again for continuing to support our small business.

 – WeaponStencils

How to earn loyalty points
Perform the actions described below to earn loyalty points
Action to perform
Points earned
Earn a point for every dollar spent
1 Points / 1 $
Receive a free 100 points ($10) every year at your registration anniversary

Loyalty Rewards
Convert 100 Points to a $10 Coupon Here
$10 off for every 100 points earned
This reward is worth 100 Points

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