No one has ALL the answers but we’re gonna do our best!  And in case you get bored with the whole “reading” thing, we got videos too!  You get to listen to our owner’s silky smooth, nasally voice, as he stumbles through unscripted, poorly edited videos (you might just wanna do the reading thing…).

That being said, if you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, be sure to contact us here.  We’re always up for a challenge!

Something wrong with your order?
Please contact us directly so we can fix the issue immediately.

Where is the store based?

Coral Springs, FL – where there are no natural springs or any coral that isn’t in a fish tank.

So let’s just say Ft. Lauderdale, to keep it easy.

What type of vinyl do you use?

We use the highest quality stencil vinyl material available: Avery SF-100-235 HIGH BAKE. This vinyl will not leave a residue or film on your project, which is especially important if you are removing stenciling in between coats.  It is the industry standard material, used by all the big names in weapon refinishing.

This vinyl can also be baked and subjected to heat, which is required for finishes such as Cerakote. The vinyl will not shrink or wilt.  The adhesive also will not “melt”, like cheaper options will, when exposed to heat.

Don’t purchase from someone who doesn’t specifically state the brand and model vinyl they are selling. Avery is the only company we have found that makes “High Bake” vinyl and it only sells as yellow vinyl on white backing.  The back is also watermarked with the Avery logo.

It’s important to know this is a “masking vinyl”, so it’s very flexible and resistant to ripping.  This can be draped over hard corners and pushed into small area like rail slots and trigger guards, without feeling “stiff” or like it’s fighting against you.   Trust us…it’s good stuff.

Recommended baking process is as follows:
– Flash cures should be kept to 180 degrees for about 15 minutes, when using stencils
– For the final cure, we suggest removing all stencils and baking at full heat and length.  If you decide to leave them on for the full cure, it’s not going to ruin anything, but you will likely get a little residue when you eventually remove them – wiping down with acetone will usually remove the residue quickly (these instructions are basically for Cerakote, do NOT wipe uncured Duracoat with Acetone)

How long will it take to receive my order?

Many orders are shipped next day; however, please allow 2-4 business days handling time. Orders that selected the Priority Shipping option are given…..wait for it…….Priority!  All orders are shipped via the USPS and include a tracking number.

Shipping Speeds and Tracking Explained (times based on date SHIPPED):

  • USPS First Class (free/standard) – typically 3-5 days but can take as long as 10 (rare).  The tracking number for First Class may or may not be updated by USPS, it is technically only “Delivery Confirmation”.
  • USPS Priority – 2-3 days.  Includes step-by-step tracking.
  • International First Class Shipments – really hard to say.  We’ve had packages hit Norway in 8 days and others take 3 weeks to get to the UK.  It’s really hard to tell and is completely out of our hands.  International Priority is over $30 at this point and the speed isn’t guaranteed either, so we don’t offer it as an option.  If you place a very large international order we will upgrade it to Priority though, if the shipping costs are similar.  Tracking is also completely unreliable; after the package leaves the U.S., the tracking is no longer updated.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, our vinyl stencils are shipped worldwide. Please be aware of the associated shipping costs prior to purchasing.

International Shipping rates work as follows:
Canada – $5 flat rate
Everywhere Else – $6 for the first sheet/item plus $1 for each additional sheet/item. Take advantage or our Combo Packs, which only count as 1 item toward shipping, regardless of number of sheets in the Pack.

If you make a large enough international purchase, we will upgrade the shipping to International Priority, if the shipping costs become similar. USPS International Priority is up over $30 at this point….with no guarantee of delivery speed either.

We obviously also ship to APOs without an issue.

Do you take custom requests?

YES!  We are very customer friendly, shoot us an e-mail and we will work out whatever it is that you need. Custom sheets generally start at $15 but can vary  a little depending on complexity and size of the order.  Check the video below for some additional considerations when it comes to custom orders (beware of extended rambling…).

If you’re unable to watch it, the cliff notes are this:
– Send us a good, clean image (jpg, png, svg, etc)
– Get us exact dimensions (maximum width and/or height)
– You can either use the Contact Page or info@weaponstencils.com

Do you offer bulk discounts or dealer pricing?

Yes – kind of.

We’ve attempted to keep our single sheet prices low and competitive, given the quality of material we use; however, we realize that ordering many stencils in bulk can add up. In order to make things easier for our larger clients, we have incorporated several money saving options.

Our Combo Packs give the buyer a chance to purchase multiple stencils at a discounted rate. The more you order the you save. This is highly suggested over ordering multiple single sheets.

Domestic orders over $70 receive free Priority Shipping – once you hit this threshold, a new shipping option will become available at checkout.  Select the Free Priority option….unless you feel like throwing us an extra $4, that’s cool too.

Orders over $170 will automatically have 15% off (recently increased) applied at checkout. Combine this discount with our Combo Packs and you’ll be saving quite a bit.

Check the top of of the homepage regularly or follow us on Facebook/Instagram for occasional sale announcements.

How many sheets do I need?

Our most common question is probably the most difficult to answer. Each project is different. Each weapon is different. It depends greatly on the number of color layers you plan to use, as well as the total surface area of the project. Are you just doing the upper and lower, or also the rail and all the furniture?  Are you doing a full, 7-color multi-cam style theme or just few colors?  Do you plan to cover every inch of the project or lay sporadic pieces?  (NOW who’s got questions…?)

We generally recommend ordering 3-5 sheets for full size long guns. We accept partial returns of any unused, “Like-New” sheets, so we suggest “rounding up” when deciding how many to buy.  And we’re not just trying to sell you.  If you’ve ever been in the middle of a project and ran out of a certain color paint or didn’t have enough stencils, you know how much it sucks.

What is the store’s return and exchange policy?

We accept returns of UNUSED stencil sheets, up to 30 DAYS from the date of purchase. We realize you may order more than you need in order to finish your project. If this is the case, please e-mail us directly and we will authorize the returned funds upon receipt of the sheets. Be advised, the sheets must be in “Like-New” condition and something we can repackage and sell.

Partial returns will not be assessed any fees.

For Returns of an ENTIRE order, the applicable shipping cost will be deducted from the refund:

Ex. 1: you placed an order with free shipping, $3 will be deducted
Ex. 2: you PAID for Priority shipping, $2.50 will be deducted
Ex. 3: you received FREE Priority shipping, $6 will be deducted
Ex. 3: you are an international buyer, $8 fee (might as well just keep them)

Do you offer LEO or Military discounts?

We realize that a large portion of our clientele consists of active duty and military veterans, along with first responders and 2nd Amendment supporters (if not ALL).  We have continued to keep our  standard prices low despite increased operating and shipping costs, in order to provide the best product at a very competitive cost to a community that we are part of ourselves and support wholeheartedly.  We also don’t have a bunch of cheesy X% off coupons floating around or other fancy marketing.  We will occasionally run promotions and advertise those as best we can, when we do.

We strongly encourage you to sign up for our newsletter – we do NOT spam your inbox with useless garbage.  You’ll get notified of new designs and sales and we’re lucky to get 2 e-mails out a month (not per day, like other companies).  Instagram is another great way to keep up with what we have going on (and to also see pictures of cool guns and projects).