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Welcome to WeaponStencils.com

Welcome to WeaponStencils.com – the ORIGINAL website dedicated to providing all you applicators out there, the highest quality adhesive vinyl stencils you can get. Whether you’re doing Cerakote, Duracoat, Gunkote, Krylon, stippling, etching or just about any other type of refinishing, we are here to help you complete your project.
WeaponStencils.com is a small, family run business that I started after a few years of doing some Duracoat work on the side. During that time, I scoured the web for anyone selling any sort of decent adhesive stencils, and other than a few fly-by-nighters with limited selection and some random, over-priced eBay listings, I was shocked to find no dedicated website for such a product (and definitely no one willing to do custom one-offs). I was literally hand-cutting digital camo out of some terrible tracing material I found at the art store, in order to complete projects. I knew there was a market and I knew I could build a brand, so here we are, over 3 years later and WeaponStencils.com is the leader in this niche, offering more patterns, at better prices, in an easier format, than any other website out there.
I designed this store from the ground up with the consumer in mind, because I knew what I wanted when I was searching the web. When I order online, I want an easy check-out process, to get the most for my money, and most importantly, fast and fair priced shipping. We ship free, within a day or two usually, and our stencil sheets are packed edge to edge with designs.
Another thing I look for from online sellers is reputation and American based small businesses – because Amazon is great, but sometimes you want to actually know who you’re buying from, especially in this type of industry, where it’s important to know your money is going to a grass roots type of business.
As an active duty law enforcement since 2005, working for a number of those years in the Special Victims Unit, I’ve dealt with the worst society has to offer. This business is my outlet, that allows me to deal with some of the best people, that keep this country running, day in and day out. As an active SWAT Operator and Instructor, I also know my guns and gear, and am quick to answer questions (or find the answer, if need-be).
If you have ANY questions or concerns, we ask that you give us the chance to help by sending us a message. This business is NOTHING without a happy customer and we pride ourselves on applying the Golden Rule to all inquiries, whether from a potential client or a long-time, return customer.
For more information, please visit out FAQ page – there’s a lot more specific info there, about the type of vinyl we use and how to place a custom order.
Thanks for visiting our site and reading about who we are and how we can help.

Stay Frosty,
Owner, CEO, Web Master, Customer Service Manager, Product Developer and any other title you can think of!

Why Weapon Stencils?

The short answer? We sell a high quality, cost effective product, that ships quick, while providing top notch customer service.

We use the BEST material you can get. Avery SF100-235 High Bake is perfect for Duracoat, Cerakote, Gunkote, Krylon or even simple latex or acrylic paint.

We’ve crammed our designs with as many templates as we can fit on a sheet. We want you to get the most for your money because that’s what we’d expect. The other guys are selling single 3″ stencils for the same price we’re selling a sheet of 6, after you factor in their shipping costs….it’s crazy.

I personally hate paying for shipping and waiting forever to get something. That’s why all orders ship free and most orders go out next day, but no longer than 72 hours. We offer upgraded shipping options for less than it costs us: we do NOT inflate our shipping costs (another thing I hate).

Lastly, Weapon Stencils offers a level of customization not normally available with other service providers. We want to hear YOUR ideas and make them a reality, whether it be custom graphics, lettering or camo schemes we haven’t thought of yet. Need one of our designs a little smaller? A little bigger? We got you covered, just shoot us a message.

We Only Use the Best

We sell ONLY the top, industry-standard masking vinyl and never cheap out on our product OR our designs.

The Original Stencil Seller

Competitors keep popping up but we are the ORIGINAL website that was dedicated to selling only heat resistant vinyl stencils.

We Love Our Customers

We are nothing without our loyal customers and everything we do has YOU in mind, not profit.